Description as a Tweet:

Ever wanted to figure out why, when and what you were stressed about so much. Now you can - Stressthing tracks heartrate via a wearable device which would be a stress trigger. This would reflect on a web app built to manage and retrieve insights on your mental health.


We're really stressed students.

What it does:

Manage and logs stress triggers via Fitbit(any wearable).

How we built it:

We developed a SPA using the MERN stack.

Technologies we used:

  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • React
  • Python
  • Misc

Challenges we ran into:

* Acquiring a wearable device was impossible. So the data for testing was simulated.
* Deploying the application took some learning.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

We're proud of our youngest teammate for working on the UI for the web app which turned out to be pretty cool, and impressive. We worked pretty well as a team as well.

What we've learned:

* Full stack development.

What's next:

* Testing it out using an actual Fitbit.
* Managing and prediction of stress using various other factors such as EEG etc.

Built with:

* Web development technologies such as React, MongoDB, Express, NodeJS and Javascript in general.

Prizes we're going for:

  • Best Web App
  • Best AWS Hack
  • Best use of MongoDB Atlas

Team Members

Poorva Sonparote
Ronn Jacob
Jessica Ding

Table Number

Table 20

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