Description as a Tweet:

why limit social media to just the web when you can just use hardware instead to get connected with new friends.


wanting to connect people in the absence of a phone. Also, wanted to build a common platform where people could combine their image ideas into something cool. I wanted to encourage people to connect with each other. Also, this allows for exchange of contact info in the absence of cellphone.

What it does:

It is meant to be a wearable device where each user upon creation picks a pattern that is displayed on a LCD screen. When users connect their images combine and give birth to a new image that both users will now have on their devices. As they meet new people their patterns will mutate to make their own unique image kind of a like a signature that keeps track of all the people you have met. The device will store name and contact information from the people you have met and stores them until they can be migrated to your phone.

How we built it:

We used a sparkfun OLED breakout for our screen and the Arduino Uno to drive the computation.

Technologies we used:

  • Arduino
  • Microcontrollers
  • Other Hardware

Challenges we ran into:

There was a lack of 3.3V microcontrollers that at the hackathon so we had to use the Arduino Uno which limits our capabilities of making this a wearable device. The RFID chips offered here are read only and are not able to be written to.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

Figuring out how to make all the hardware work together even when we had lots of powering difficulties.

What we've learned:

soldering, powering, making a master and slave board, bluetooth communication, RFID communication, Arduino debugging

What's next:

creating a mobile interface for interacting with the hardware so users can upload contacts to their phone

Built with:

Arduino pro micro, Arduino Uno, Sparkfun OLED breakout

Prizes we're going for:

  • Best Hardware Hack

Prizes Won

Best Almost Hack

Team Members

Arta razavi
Cam Harvey
Ryan Lee
ayan sengupta

Table Number

Table 43