Description as a Tweet:

An Android app that gives you healthy suggestions for your unhealthy cravings.


Looking at all the (generally) unhealthy snacking options all around the campus (including HackUMass), we felt we should be able to find a healthy snack to satisfy our cravings and make better choices for our snacking.

What it does:

Our project asks about what kind of craving the user has and lets the user select from the options. The user is then directed to a list of a particular category of snacks and on clicking any the snacks gives a brief description about the same.

How we built it:

We used Andriod Studio to build a basic interface for a user. We read through the documentation to understand how to use the application.

Technologies we used:

  • Java
  • Misc

Challenges we ran into:

We had no prior experience in Andriod Studio and had to learn it from scratch( knowing Java helped a bit). Also since we are all freshmen and this was our first Hackathon, we were not sure what project we actually could do and how to go about it.

Accomplishments we're proud of:

We learned a lot about basic app-building on our own and actually made a working project. And since this was our first Hackathon, to actually build everything from scratch is a great accomplishment for us.

What we've learned:

Building an app using Android Studio

What's next:

We can add many more features such as more snack categories and options., prices, etc We can also add where can we find the snacks using Google Maps and the proximity of the shops which sell them.

Built with:

Andriod Studio and Java

Prizes we're going for:

  • Best Mobile App

Team Members

Ananya Rao
Rajasi Desai
Heta Shah
Maanya Mishra

Table Number

Table 28