Description as a Tweet:

Bitcoin Auto Crypto Trader uses a predictive algorithm to trade bitcoin for you automatically. It will automatically sign you into your online brokerage, read your last email to find the login verification code, and automatically sign you in.


One of the guys here I was speaking with was asking about how to click on a button using javascript, and I remembered how much I learned at my internship about web scraping, so I wrote a profitable and attractive sounding program. I probably will sell and license this, I made a profit running this while I slept last night.

What it does:

It automatically buys and sell bitcoin. It retrieves and stores all trading information information that is provided by the online brokerage, and is able to be used in the trading algorithm. It is easy to adapt and change what causes the project to trade. I made a profit running this while I slept last night.

How we built it:

I used Katalon Studio as an IDE, its written in Java, groovy, and uses selenium

Technologies we used:

  • Java
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Misc

Challenges we ran into:

A LOT of incorrect button presses, and errors from buttons not being found from the program being too fast (faster then the brokerage).

Accomplishments we're proud of:

It works, runs and is profitable.

What we've learned:

xpath of web elements and regex. Also improved my groovy skills for automation, and Java for logic.

What's next:

More profitable and selling/licensing the script. I likely will make a team with people with much more knowledge of finance and trading, and start a company.

Built with:

Katalon Studio, Java, Groovy, Selenium

Prizes we're going for:

  • Best UiPath Automation Hack (MLH)
  • Best Web App
  • Best Documentation
  • Best STEM Hack
  • Best Security Hack
  • Best Finance Hack
  • Best AI/ML Hack

Prizes Won

Best Finance Hack
Best UiPath Automation Hack

Team Members

Dylan DeFlorio

Table Number

Table 9